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YOUR Period Stories

Your very own period cringe moments, because we’ve all been there at least twice.

We asked and you delivered: here are some of your very own funny, awkward, and to be honest, downright relatable period stories. We’ve all had our menstrual moments so have a giggle at some of these, and don’t be embarrassed when it happens to you!

The Deep Dive:

When I first started going out with my boyfriend, my tampon string broke and I couldn’t find the tampon. He had to get it out. We were 3 weeks into our relationship

Well that’s definitely one way to *ahem* get to know each other better

Pull the lever, Kronk! Wrong leverrrrrr:

My coil came out, thought it was my tampon and pulled real hard ooop

Goodness me, I hope no coils or vaginas were harmed in the process. I can only imagine that this poor soul needed a lot of chocolate and ibuprofen afterwards (and went to the nurse to make sure everything was still AOK)

Discovery Channel:

It wasn’t my period but when I was little I looked in the sanitary bin coz I didn’t know what it was. I saw a tampon and screamed coz I thought it was a mouse. I got an adult to even come and check because I thought there was a dead mouse in the bin. It wasn’t a dead mouse. It was a bloody tampon. Apparently. But I still swear I saw fur.

An introduction to period products you’ll never forget. The more you know, eh?

Better out than in:

Had sex on my period (drunk). Forgot I had a tampon in. Two days later was in a and e had to get it removed

whoops! Forgotten tampons DO happen more than you’d think. I can only imagine you felt 10000x better after that poor forgotten tampon was taken out. God bless the NHS.

…and let’s not forget the many miscellaneous spillage stories:

Wore a tampon in the sea and put white shorts on afterwards.

Leaked on the tube on the train seat.

Spilled my menstrual cup on my white dress when I too forcefully took it out (drunk at a bottomless brunch this summer)

Sneezed on my period in maths and blood started dripping down my leg

Stayed at my Bosses house, and bled all over the bed. Oops. Awkward first impression.

These really are the relatable ones. I’m convinced that there’s not a menstrautor on this planet who has’t already, or will in the course of their life, have a leak/spill. Welcome to the club!

Author; Maria Bennett

Ditch The Rag Donation Manager


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