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5 Essential Oils For Your Best Period Ever

Updated: May 23, 2021

Your best period ever.

Sounds insane, but your period can actually be an enjoyable time with some small adjustments and tricks. The following tips use the ancient art of aromatherapy - a practice that uses essential oils in a whole host of ways to feel just plain good in a typically bad time.

Got a bit of brain fog when it's that time of the month? Studies have shown that the use of rosemary oil can aid brain function and information recall. Pop some rosemary oil in an oil burner or diffuser or rub into your temples for some memory boosting power. This Scentered Focus Balm comes in stick form for you to rub on your pulse points, helping the essential oils absorb directly into your bloodstream and get to work.

For those annoying breakouts that creep up on you when you're due on, tea tree oil is there to save the day. It's proven to be anti-microbial, anti-bacterial AND anti-fungal – the perfect triple threat to clear up those pesky pimples. Use either diluted tea tree oil topically on your breakouts or a quick spritz of the Lush Tea Tree Water can help to calm angry hormonal skin.

If you're one of the few people who don’t suffer with period pains or cramps – congratulations, you're one of the chosen ones and you can skip this tip entirely. But for those who do, lavender oil is there to save the day. Not only is it known for its calming and sleep inducing properties, lavender can help to relieve menstrual cramps. Massage some lavender oil, diluted with a carrier oil like almond oil onto your stomach and lower back or relax in the bath with an i(a)mperfect lavender soap – squeaky clean skin and natural pain relief? Sign me up.

So you've overcome the brain fog, treated the breakouts, bathed away the cramps and now you've got a headache - perfect. But, fear not, peppermint oil can help as it's a natural anti-inflammatory. Roll on some of the Tisserand Mind Clear onto your temples or take some time out to sip on a peppermint tea and say goodbye to that migraine. Pre-menstrual headaches and migraines can be a real pain and if they are becoming a regular occurrence, stopping you from living your best life, it may be worth talking to your nurse or doctor if you're taking a contraceptive pill and suffering with this monthly – just to be on the safe side.

Your period can make you feel a little bit low or just down in general, trust me, we've all cried for absolutely no reason and laughed about it when our period turns up. Makes you think: I'm not crazy, it's the hormones! But to combat this down feeling you can use rose essential oil to bring some love and comfort into your life. Apply a little diluted rose oil onto your neck pulse point and/or light a Neom Complete Bliss Candle to give you all the self-love vibes and take care of yourself.

Your period doesn’t have to be something you dread, taking control of your symptoms and being mindful of your body and emotions can be a huge help each month. Just the act of taking a few moments for yourself can play a big part in your everyday life. So what are you waiting for? Use these tips and have the best period ever!

P.S. If your symptoms during your cycle are affecting your daily life – whether that’s work, social or personal - speak with your nurse or GP. You don’t have to suffer in silence; there are so many options and alternatives for you to try.

As a special treat to celebrate Menstrual Health Day on Friday the 28th of May, we are gifting an i(a)mperfect soap with all website orders! So you can have a bloody perfect (or as close as can be) period xxx

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