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You've tried tampons and pads, AND NOW YOU WANT TO TRY A MENSTRUAL CUP? Using Ruby Cup is very similar to using tampons, and cups are widely used by people all over the world. 

This step-by-step guide to using a menstrual cup will take you smoothly through each stage. Here's how to get the very best of your cup, and your period:

1. Fold and hold

Always start by washing your hands. Fold Ruby Cup using a fold that works best for you. Many start with the C-fold. If that does not work for you, try some of the other folds to make insertion easier. Every menstruator's anatomy is unique, so find the fold that works for you.


2. Insert and ensure

As with tampons, gently insert the folded cup into your vagina, tilting it back to the base of your spine. The cup should sit as low as it can comfortably sit inside your vagina, normally lower than a tampon but with the stem fully inside.


When the cup is inside, it wants to pop open, creating a light suction. The suction is how the cup prevents leaks, so use your finger to check if it is fully unfolded. Twist or rotate the cup if you need to.

Do not rush, take your time - stay calm it probably will feel a bit weird when you put it in for the first time. 

3. Use it up to twelve hours

One of the great benefits of using a menstrual cup is that it can be used up to twelve hours. However, most menstrual cup users find they need to empty their cup in the morning and again in the evening.


4. Remove and empty

With clean hands, gently pull the stem of the cup downwards until you can reach and hold the base of the cup. Pinch the base to release the suction and take it out gently.
You may need to use your pelvic muscles to push your lower cup in the vagina to help you reach the base with your fingers.


When you've got your cup, empty it in the toilet, and rinse it with water.
If you do not have access to water, you can wipe it with some tissue or simply reinsert it right after emptying it. But make sure to rinse it at your next available opportunity.

5. Re-insert

When your cup is rinsed, you can reinsert it, and you're ready to go again! 



  1. How to clean a Ruby Cup between removal and insertion

Always start with clean hands. Avoid scented soaps that may alter the pH of your vagina.

While you're using your Ruby ​​Cup, simply rinse it with water each time you empty it, before using it again. While on your period, there is no need to disinfect your cup between uses.

If you don't have access to a sink then use bottled water, or wipe your cup clean with a tissue. Then just pop it back in.

2. How to sterilise a Ruby Cup at the end of your period

Your cup must be disinfected before storing each month. Rinse your cup, and boil in a pan or pot of water for 3 minutes. 

After boiling, wait until your cup is cool, dry thoroughly and store in the organic cotton bag that came with your Ruby Cup.

When boiling your Ruby Cup, make sure you don’t over boil it (no more than 10 minutes), otherwise, the silicone will lose some of its bounciness and not open up so easily anymore when inserted, which may result in some leaking.

3. How to sterilise a menstrual cup with the Ruby Clean

The best and easiest way to sterilise your cup is using a Ruby Clean. 

Put your Ruby Cup inside the Ruby Clean, fill with water until it’s about ¾ full and place it in the microwave. Make sure you do not close the lid completely as that will increase the pressure from the boiling water and can make it overflow.

Set the microwave time to approximately 3 minutes or enough time to bring the water to a boil and to leave it boiling for a few minutes. After boiling be careful as it can be hot. Grab it by the handles when you remove it from the microwave. Let the water cool down a bit before you empty it and take out your period Cup

4. How to clean a Ruby Cup in a public bathroom

Ruby Cup has a much larger capacity than pads and tampons, and can be worn for up to 12 hours – so you may not have to empty your cup when you are out and about, but in case you do, try these simple steps.

  • Always wash your hands before removing and emptying your Ruby Cup as usual;

  • If the sink is out of reach, simply wipe the Ruby Cup clean with dry or damp tissue, and reinsert. You can then wash and rinse your Ruby Cup with water the next time you have a sink available.

  • You can take a small bottle of water with you to rinse the cup over the toilet

5. How to clean a Ruby Cup during travels/ out in nature

If you are travelling in a region where it’s not recommended to brush your teeth with the water available, then also make sure you don’t rinse your menstrual cup with that water. Instead, rinse your menstrual cup with bottled water.

If you’re in an area where the tap water is okay for cooking, making tea and brushing your teeth, but it’s still advised not to drink it, in our experience, then it’s okay to rinse your cup with that tap water.

If you are hiking in the woods or camping out in the wild, menstrual cups can be the best menstrual health product to manage your period.

Your Ruby Cup holds three times more than a super tampon or a pad, meaning less toilet stops along the way. They are also reusable, so you won’t ever run out of stock and can save valuable room in your rucksack.

Keep some water with you to clean your hands before and after emptying your menstrual cup. Find a quiet spot to remove and empty. After emptying it, wipe with tissue, rinse with bottled water or simply reinsert straight-away


Well that is a great question...

1) IT IS Life-changing: When you buy a Ruby Cup, you aren’t just investing in a worry-free period for yourself, you’re also sharing the same benefit with someone in need.

2) Eco-friendly: You’ll use up to 12,000 disposable period products in your reproductive lifetime. Swapping to a Ruby Cup dramatically reduces the impact your period has on the environment.

3) Affordable: The cost of one Ruby Cup is equal to the cost of 5-6 months of traditional period products. Because your cup lasts up to 10 years, you’ll rake in long-term savings of more than 95%.

4) Less fuss: A Ruby Cup has 3 times the capacity of a super tampon. That means you can wear it for up to 12 hours, depending on the heaviness of your flow.

5) Healthy: Ruby Cups are made from 100% medical-grade, soft silicone and are blissfully free from plastics, latex, toxins and bleaches.


So reusable pads are practically the same as the disposable ones. (Just no chemicals, plastic or nastiness)

Below are some instructions and top tips.

  1. Fasten the pad. Place the material side upwards towards your vagina and the soft fleece side down into your knickers. You fasten the pad using the snaps. Reach around ya nick nacks to fasten.

  2. Make sure they have made the snap sound to prevent the pad coming lose.

  3. The label goes at the back and the non-labelled side at the front.

  4. To change all you do is reach around your underwear, un snap the pad and fold it back into the square to be put into ya laundry.

  5. I personally don’t bother putting them straight into cold water, but this is advised if you want to prevent staining. (I’ve used mine for quite a while and I haven’t seen any stains this far).

  6. When washing your pads don’t put them at too high a heat, if it is above 40 this can set the stains… AND THE DESIGNS ARE SO CUTE.

  7. Don’t use fabric softer as this breaks down the pads waterproof layers and makes it less absorbent over time (reducing the 10 year life span of the pads) I KNOW TEN BLOODY YEARS THEY LAST.

  8. Change your pad as you feel, I personally have never leaked with the pads. They are SO absorbent. But if you change your pad very regularly you’ll need to have more in circulation. Or you could break them up with disposables while they are in the wash.

  9. I recommend you have at least 5 in circulation. That way when you put them into wash by the time you need to change you’ll have the next ones ready to go.

  10. If you are changing your pad while you are out and about, clip them back into the square and store them in wet bag (I say wet bag I use an old make up bag, if you fold the pad into the square you’ll only have the dry side in the bag so it won’t get all bloody).

Any other questions feel free to send me an email!


Ruby Cup has a much larger capacity than pads and tampons, and can be worn for up to 12 hours – so you PROBS WON’T have to empty your cup when you are out and about, but in case you do….

For all of those panicking RELAXXXXXX. Is so fine x

​Always wash your hands before removing and emptying your Ruby Cup.

  1. If the sink is out of reach, and you aren’t bold enough to walk out of the stool to wash it (not advised) just wipe the Ruby Cup clean with a dry or damp tissue, and reinsert. You can then wash and rinse your Ruby Cup with water the next time you have a sink local or in the comfort of your own bathroom. 

  2. You can take a small bottle of water with you to rinse the cup over the toilet.

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