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Ditch the Rag

Making periods fashionable and affordable since '19.


Combatting Period poverty with plastic free menstrual products.


Ditch The Rag

Periods are not a luxury.

Ditch The Rag was founded in 2019 by a Science Teacher in West London. Amirah tells her story. 

I started Ditch the Rag as it was becoming a norm to buy tampons and pads for menstruators in my classes during my weekly grocery shops. 

The detrimental environmental impact of these disposable products began to concern me, which is the main reason I made the switch to the menstrual cup.

I then started to question why I was buying disposable period products when I wouldn’t use them myself, so I began crowdfunding to generate capital to purchase, create and distribute plastic-free, reusable menstrual care packs for menstruators on free school meals who are at risk of being negatively impacted by period poverty. 

These reusable menstrual products provide a longer-term solution to the problem that is period poverty as well as addressing the very current issue of plastic pollution. 


All profits from our online shop go directly towards purchasing, creating and distributing menstrual care packs those in need. 

For every £20 you spend, a menstruator can have a hassle free period for a decade.